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The Glaces des Alpes’ home-made creations (Ice creams and full fruit sorbets) are exclusively reserved for the professional.
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Laurent Petit

2-Star Chef

Laurent Petit, a Michelin-starred chef in Annecy-le-Vieux.
« Harmony is at the core of my cooking: combining products for a harmony of flavours, a consistent search for both elegance and simplicity, a meeting of the senses.»

Laurent Petit's cooking does not seek innovation for its own sake nor does it take the beaten bath; adept at the unexpected, he creates a refined, subtle cuisine in contact with Nature, in which creativity is not just a word.

He opened his Clos des Sens over 18 years ago in a building overlooking the lake in Annecy-le-Vieux, with just one motto: 'Refine authentic flavours.' A beehive of activity, the kitchen at Clos des Sens changes pace with each season by creating a menu that is daring and surprising while maintaining the spirit of subtle combinations.

As he pushes convention aside, land and sea, animal and vegetable often come together on the same plate, creating a different grammar of the senses. Smoked Whitefish Consommé, Lake Crayfish with Lace Tuile, Thick Trout fillet cooked at low temperature, Organic Suckling Pig, Sugar Paper: here there is a constant search for the right combination, and the results are as unusual as they are seductive.

« Creation is a state of mind, always awake. Creating is what I do every day. The next recipe will come out of an object, a material, words, an encounter or a product. ».

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