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The Glaces des Alpes’ home-made creations (Ice creams and full fruit sorbets) are exclusively reserved for the professional.
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Gilles Tournadre

2-Star Chef

« Simple, real, authentic cooking…» The son and grandson of a pastry chef, Gilles Tournadre was born into the profession. Initiated at a very young age into the real flavours of the terroir, he retains this love for the cuisine of Normandy.

Since 1984 he has been re-introducing the authentic products of his region in a new light, in the historic heart of Rouen.

That is his passion: lightening up the classics while spotlighting regional products. Rewarded with two Michelin stars, this passionate gourmet has managed to stay modest and in touch with his roots – for our greater gustatory pleasure.


  • 8 et 9, quai de la Bourse
  • 76000 ROUEN - France
  • Telefonnr. : +33 (0)2 35 71 16 14
  • Fax : +33 (0)2 35 71 96 91
  • Relais Chateau : Gilles Tournadre
  • Web :

On the banks of the Seine, behind the walls of a square, grey building that looks like a safe, Gill protects its delicious secrets.

Steps away from the Cathedral whose façade Claude Monet immortalised, not far from the Place du Vieux Marché, where Joan of Arc was martyred, and close by the rue du Gros-Horloge...on the right bank that is the historic heart of Rouen. Sur cette rive droite qui constitue le coeur historique de la cité rouennaise.

All of Rouen and its wonders within a radius of a few dozen metres! Cultural and culinary heritage brought together for the pleasure of the hungry stroller and the gourmet wanderer. It would be madness not to take advantage…

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